Image1. Brahmans are Heat Tolerant

Brahmans have a higher density of sweat glands per sq. cm of hide, and a low respiratory rate. An abundance of loose skin aids in its ability to withstand warm weather by increasing the body surface area exposed to cooling. In cold weather the skin is contracted, increasing the thickness of the hide and density of the hair, which aids in retaining body heat.    A special feature of the Brahman breed is their ability over other breeds to sweat freely, which contributes greatly to their heat tolerance. On the hottest days, one can find them resting in the full sun, without any signs of stress.

 2. Brahmans are resistance to ticks and disease

They have an oily skin texture, a short hair coat, and the ability to jerk their hides when they feel irritations on their bodies. This all helps in making the Brahman and its crossbreds remarkably resistant to ticks and other biting insects. A capability that probably also accounts to a large extent, for their being able to withstand diseases as well.  Brahmans also have dark skin pigmentation which keeps the breed free of cancer eye.

 3. Brahmans are Excellent Mothers

Maternal instinct in Brahman cows is very strong  They are well-known for their mothering abilities. Cows will go to extreme lengths to protect their calves. Never, ever get between a Brahma Mama and her calf!

4. Brahmans are adaptable and hardy

Brahmans very adaptive in extreme and often harsh environments. The breed is known for its longevity as well it is not strange to come upon cows still producing at 15 years of age and sometimes even longer.  They are survivors.

5. Brahmans are avid Foragers

Brahman will not stand at the gate waiting for hand outs! They forage actively and make the best use of the available grazing.

6. Brahmans are Movers

Due to their efficient mobility, Brahmans can cover great distances in search of grazing. This is a huge plus factor in dry extensive regions. In times of drought when it becomes necessary to move cattle over long distances, breeders have reported in amazement at the Brahmans ability to walk.

7. Brahmans are Drought Resistance

During times of extreme drought, Brahman cattle have repeatedly shown a marked resistance to hostile changes that then occur in the environment. They are diligent grazers and will work hard for you.

8. Brahmans are intelligent

Cattle breeders notice the extraordinary level of intelligence that Brahman cattle exhibit. They cleverly turn this to their advantage, when handling their animals. Sensible use of this characteristic, can be a great help.

9. Brahmans are friendly

Handle Brahmans gently and with patience.  If you treat them well, they will treat you well! Good temperament in Brahman is up to us not to them!  They are very responsive to kindness and are quite gentle when handled properly.

10. Brahmans are great sources of Hybrid vigor

Brahmans excel in adding hybrid vigor to their offspring when crossed with other breeds.

But my personal #1 reason for having Brahmans…

The calves are so stinkin’ cute! 🙂


What do you love about Brahmans?