Even putting out hay can be funny…soon as this round bale hit the ground from the back of my truck the bull decided he wanted to “get it”.  He started head butting and rolling the bale 90 to nothing across the pasture all the cows following.  I scrambled back in the truck out of the bed and raced to get the truck in front of the bale to stop it, the Chickenman was trailing behind the cows.  It was a race to the fenceline-he would have surely pushed the fence over with the momentum he had going behind that bale.  But the Dodge stopped him dead in his tracks!  He gave it a few more unsuccessful head butts before he lifted his head up over the top of the bale to see what the malfunction was-the Dodge.  Some how during this haybale hockey game he had busted some of the baling twine and secured himself to the round bale.  Needless to say this did not make him happy and he commenced to jumping and bucking to free himself which didn’t take long.  It would have been a good video and worth a few laughs!  It sure got the horses all excited and they were running laps around the fiasco.  The Chickenman rolled the hayring across the pasture to the bale’s new spot while I held the bull at bay with the Dodge.  On a farm or ranch even what seems to be the simplest task can turn in to an Agventure.  The Chickenman and I are always glad for a good laugh on the farm as long as no one gets hurt.