The Chickenman and I will be celebrating tonight with a candlelit Prime Rib Dinner out in Mount Pleasant at Uptown Bliss with our friend Faustine.

Did you know that more than half (51%) of Americans surveyed believe serving beef to someone best says “I love you,” more than all other proteins combined. It’s love at first bite.

The Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet (BOLD) study, conducted by researchers at The Pennsylvania State University, found consuming lean beef daily as part of a heart-healthy diet lowered LDL “bad” cholesterol by 10 percent, which was just as effective as the DASH diet.  This research provides convincing support that nutrient-rich lean beef can be an everyday part of a heart-healthy diet.

Big news for beef lovers!

Humpy Valentine’s Day and we hope you get to enjoy a juicy, heart-healthy beef dinner with those you love!