I am an equipment buyin’ fool as of late. Earlier in the week I was looking for a way to creep feed some calves.  That’s a set up that allows calves to come in to eat a special ration of feed just for them and it keeps cows and heifers out.  Here’s a link to more information about Creep Feeding if you are interested:  Click Here  Usually creep feeding set ups are adjustable so as the calves grow you can adjust the opening for their increased size.  The can come and go and eat as they please.  I found this Calf Pass Panel kit by Priefert while searching on Craig’s List:

It is really meant to attach to a creep feeder like this:I really didn’t need the feeder part since I wanted to feed the claves by hand to have more control of how much and how often they eat.  I just needed a place for them to go when I feed the cows to get their own feed without the cows nudging them out of the way-so the calf pass kit was perfect for my needs and as more calves are born I can move it to be the pass into bigger pens and lots.

I emailed the seller.  She had one on Craig’s List listed as four years old for $300 and stated that she paid $600.  So I assumed it was the kit and the feeder at that price and I if figured I could resell the feeder or maybe save it for when I might could use it.  I emailed her and asked if she would take $200-she said yes.  Then I did some research (should have done that first).  I found the kit online several places brand new for …$139.  Then we went and looked hers and discovered it didn’t have the feeder, just the kit!  But she still wouldn’t come off her $200 price.  So the next day I went over to Mount Pleasant to the Priefert Plant which is about 20 miles from my house and bought a brand new kit-not a second for…$50!!  Score!  I LOVE a bargain!!!  I LOVE Craig’s List for farm stuff, but you have to do your homework and remember that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Then yesterday I found another bargain:  4 heavy feeders, 3 heavy cattle panels and a 4 ft walk gate all for $200.  The mass exodus from the Cattle Business in my area due to the excessive drought has created a surplus of good used equipment being sold at bargain prices.

Today is supposed to be really warm-74; tomorrow in the 80’s!  So the Chickenman and I will be taking advantage of the nice weather to get our new equipment set up.  I’m going to try to stay off Craig’s List today so I don’t find something else I “need”!
Happy HumP Day!