In January I traveled with the Texas Beef Leaders to College Station to attend the Beef 706 course put on by Texas A & M University and the Texas Beef Council for cattle producers. It is a two day hands-on educational experience and it is a whole lot of fun.

That's me with my fellow CattleWomen, Tina Loeffler fabricating our Steer. Which by the way, was very exhausting but a lot of fun!

Beef 706 is a Beef Checkoff funded program where you can learn about beef quality and safety issues and how they affect your operation. It is a unique opportunity to not only see, but to experience the quality challenges facing our industry. You learn what factors affect beef’s palatability and receive information to help you utilize your herd’s genetics, feedyard performance, and carcass characteristics. You get to work with other Texas beef producers to fabricate a carcass with the help of a cutting instructor. Of course this was my favorite part of the course.  I encourage all Texas beef producers to participate in the course in the future if you can.  It was a great experience and I really learned some information that I can use back home with our own herd.   There is also a Youth Beef 706 program for young cattle/beef enthusiasts.

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