I am a HUGE fan of Priefert Ranch Equipment  and I recently had the chance to tour their facilities with a group from the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association at one of their Ranching 101 Gatherings.  I was amazed at the efficiency and the attention to detail that goes into every weld.

You may remember that I bought a Priefert Creep Feeder Panel Kit not long ago.  You can read about that purchase here:  Previous Post.

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I like equipment that makes my job easier, keeps me and my animals safe and will stand the test of time.  Priefert gets that and they aren’t complacent.  They are constantly building and designing a better mouse trap, oops I mean headgate!

I also was impressed with their employee philosophy.  They believe in taking care of their employees and in turn their employees will do a good job for them.  They have a very low turn-over rate that they are very proud of and consider their employees family.

If you are ever in the northeast Texas area near Mount Pleasant I encourage you to drop by and check out the great equipment offered by Priefert.  They even have an outlet store on site where I purchased my Creep Feeder Panel Kit at a rock bottom price. Their products are also stocked at farm equipment dealers across the nation.