This young bull was our “Shadey”. Don’t worry, he is alive and doing quite well at his new home several counties south of here. His new family will have him as their new F-1 herd sire. We met the buyers while we were showing in Houston and delivered Shadey to them on our way home from the show.

Last week I was down in that area again for some appointments and I couldn’t resist driving by to check on Shadey. In fact I drove by three times!-I’m sorta obsessive that way. But I wanted to see how he was doing and adjusting to his new home. He seemed to be doing great and I felt a little guilty on one drive by when he recognized my pickup and made his way to the fenceline to see if I had a treat for him-note to self:put a baggie of cubes in the door compartment for just such occasions. Anyway, it was like driving by and waving at the kid you just dropped off at daycare an hour earlier-not good for either of you!

Of course I had to snap a pic. He looks happy, huh?
new home

So this HumP Day is in honor of M-J Shades of Christian Gray “Shadey”. May he love his new family as much as we loved him and may he always stand in green grass.

HaPPy HumP Day!