HaPPy HumP Day!

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Humpday 11-27

We are busy on the farm today getting our bulls ready for Sale Day. We hauled them to the Vet this morning for health certifications and fertility testing. This afternoon they will get their beauty treatment-clipping their heads and sheaths.

I’m really going to miss Charlie Tango, he was my favorite from our 2012 calf crop.


It is hard to believe he is ready for a herd of his own now. I hope his new owner will give him a rub every now and then. He sure loves a rub on the dewlap!

Humpy Thanksgiving!

eat beef

I’ve been a terrible blogger as of late!

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Yes, I’ve been away for way too long but I’m inspired to do a better job going forward.

Yesterday I was honored to be one of the featured “Women In Agriculture” on my friend, Katie’s blog Pinke Post.


You can check out the blog here and please continue to follow the Women In Ag posts to read about my peers who are out there everyday working to connect with consumers and bring a great product to your table. 

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