HaPPy HumP Day!

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Humpday 11-27

We are busy on the farm today getting our bulls ready for Sale Day. We hauled them to the Vet this morning for health certifications and fertility testing. This afternoon they will get their beauty treatment-clipping their heads and sheaths.

I’m really going to miss Charlie Tango, he was my favorite from our 2012 calf crop.


It is hard to believe he is ready for a herd of his own now. I hope his new owner will give him a rub every now and then. He sure loves a rub on the dewlap!

Humpy Thanksgiving!

eat beef

I’ve been a terrible blogger as of late!

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Yes, I’ve been away for way too long but I’m inspired to do a better job going forward.

Yesterday I was honored to be one of the featured “Women In Agriculture” on my friend, Katie’s blog Pinke Post.


You can check out the blog here and please continue to follow the Women In Ag posts to read about my peers who are out there everyday working to connect with consumers and bring a great product to your table. 

Long-Eared Humpy Calves Make Her Smile: Meet Texan Melissa Laurent



HaPPy HumP Day!

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This is our Libby. She is not the oldest cow in the herd, but she is the boss. She loves people and is always up for a rub. She is a retired show heifer. She will be calving again soon. But the best thing about her is that she knows her name. All we have to do is holler, “Liiiibbbbyyyy!” and even if the herd is nowhere in sight they will soon come running behind her to the gate. This comes in very handy!

HaPPy HumP Day!

HumPy St Patrick’s Day!

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st p

HaPPy HumP Day!

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This young bull was our “Shadey”. Don’t worry, he is alive and doing quite well at his new home several counties south of here. His new family will have him as their new F-1 herd sire. We met the buyers while we were showing in Houston and delivered Shadey to them on our way home from the show.

Last week I was down in that area again for some appointments and I couldn’t resist driving by to check on Shadey. In fact I drove by three times!-I’m sorta obsessive that way. But I wanted to see how he was doing and adjusting to his new home. He seemed to be doing great and I felt a little guilty on one drive by when he recognized my pickup and made his way to the fenceline to see if I had a treat for him-note to self:put a baggie of cubes in the door compartment for just such occasions. Anyway, it was like driving by and waving at the kid you just dropped off at daycare an hour earlier-not good for either of you!

Of course I had to snap a pic. He looks happy, huh?
new home

So this HumP Day is in honor of M-J Shades of Christian Gray “Shadey”. May he love his new family as much as we loved him and may he always stand in green grass.

HaPPy HumP Day!

HaPPy HumP Day!


A sea of humps from the International Brahman Show last week in Houston, Texas where over 600 head of the finest Brahman cattle in the world were on display.

sea of humps

HaPPy HumP Day!

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shadey humpday

Just 5 days until the International Brahman Show in Houston. I can feel panic mode sneaking up on me! Yikes! But Shadey here is ready to hit the road. He loves all the pampering he gets at the show.

Humpy Valentine’s Day!

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HaPPy HumP Day!


humpday 1-16

Just a few day until we load tres amigos here and head to our favorite stockshow! Fort Worth Livestock Show & Rodeo

Santa Loves to Boogie!

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  The Chickenman and I are taking a much need break and heading to  Cowtown aka Fort Worth, Texas for a little fun in honor of our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.  It’s actually on the 9th of December, but when I saw that one of our favorite Western Swing bands, Asleep at the Wheel would be playing at the Casa Manana Theater in Fort Worth on the 6th we decided it called for an early celebration.

The first time we saw Asleep at the Wheel together it was in Nacogdoches, TX  and I was about 7mo. pregnant with Mandy-Jo-WOW! that was a LONG time ago-21 years to be exact.  I wasn’t up for much dancing that night and there won’t be any dancing tonight but we have awesome seats on the second row and the music will not disappoint us I’m sure!  I think I’ll wear my dancing boots anyway just in case we head to Pearl’s Dance Hall and Saloon in the Stockyards after the concert.  Yee Haw!


 Not familiar with Asleep at the Wheel? Check out this video: Click Here

They have 2 awesome Christmas CDs out now too!  Merry Christmas Ya’ll and Santa Loves to Boogie

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