HaPPy HumP Day! With a side of Milk

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Happy HumP Day!


It’s a great Hump Day here at MJ Brahmans!  We are getting some much-needed rain.  I can almost hear our winter pasture gulping it in.  This has been a terrible time for cattle producers here in Texas and in many other states too due to excessive drought.  We, like many others are just trying to maintain and hope spring brings the rains we need to make grass and hay.  We are also smiling in the rain at our newest addition…

This leggy heifer calf is out of our heifer Tuscany Tralee that we purchased from Tuscany Farms in Arizona.  She is doing great.  The calf is running and playing and her Mama Tralee, in true Brahman style, is an excellent mother.  Tralee is friends with our bull, Ringo and more than once I have seen him babysitting this calf while she was down at the pond getting a drink.  I just love watching the dynamics of a herd and how each animal has its place yet they all take care of the calves.

We had a pretty cold night here right after this little calf was born.  The Chickenman was worried about her and headed out into the night with his Q-beam to check on her.  He found the herd laying down for the night all circled up.  In the very center of that circle was this baby calf protected by the herd from the cold.  Tralee has had a hard time fitting in with the other ladies in the herd, but since she has had this calf they have extended their friendship to her and especially her calf.  It takes a village!

Happy Hump Day!