HaPPy HumP Day!

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Charlie Tango and Shades of Christian Grey (Shadey)-I blush and snicker at the same time!¬† ūüėČ

Fifty Shades of Grey

We have an Anastasia Steele among our calves this year too!¬† ūüôā

The Chickenman¬†just shakes his head when Mandy-Jo and I decide the names for calves.¬† We did vampires a couple of years ago-in fact the Mommas¬†of these two calves are named Sookie¬†and Bella.¬† We let him choose a couple last year-Monte Walsh and Comeback Shane¬†were his¬†choices-not bad.¬† I’m sure the secretary at the American Brahman Breeder Association chuckles every year when she gets our paperwork on new calves.

Hope you have a very HaPPy HumP Day and a safe and fun Memorial Holiday Weekend!

Happy HumP Day-Names


This little heifer is yet to be officially named, but I’ve been calling her “Zee Zee” after the great band from Texas- ZZ Top’s song “She’s got Legs”.¬† Not sure it will stick when I fill out her registration but it works for now.¬† She is here with her favorite babysitter, “Sookie” (yes, after the True Blood character) but the vampireaphobic Chickenman calls her “Spook”.

Not every animal on the place gets a name.  We kinda have a steadfast rule that we never name something we might have to eat.  But that now makes me wonder why the Betta fish in the kitchen window is nameless-I better get on that.

Over the years we have a wide variety of names for different cattle.¬† “Brutus” was a rather spectacular steer I still think of fondly.¬† Annabelle, Noel, Ruby, Demi, Dodge, Elton…have all come and gone.¬† Monte Walsh and Comeback Shane have their own herds now.

It seemed easier naming pigs.  We had Hurley, Sawyer, Locke, Jin and even Sayid.  We got some looks at the stockshow with our pen sign with that Sayid pig.  But we were huge fans of the TV show LOST at the time and these are all names of the male characters from the show.

We are also fans of vampire novels and thus have a Sookie and a Bella¬†although The Chickenman put his foot down when we wanted to name a bull Lestat.¬†¬†That’s when he named him Monte Walsh!

I sure hope Mandy-Jo will help me naming this years calf-crop it seems to get harder and harder to come up with something fitting every year.

Many cattle on big ranches just have a eartag # for a name and we have had a few of those too-old cow #207 was a rather flighty animal but a great mama.¬† We always told volunteer help, “look out for #207 she’ll check your oil if you give her the chance.”¬† #207 seems like a much kinder name than the one we would have actually given her had we named her! ūüôā

But the best name we ever had was a bull named, HumPy Bogart and it fit him perfectly!

Enjoy your HumPy LeaP Day and if you have any great names for humPy calves, I’m open for suggestions!